It is simple, it is effective. Create sensational movies, high quality presentations or emotional videos of your content. For private users or business purposes. We offer two versions for you to get your videos created without any problems:

Use our movie wizard

  • if you want to complete your video in a few minutes
  • if you are personal userand want to includetop chart music to be synchonized with your video

Use our expert video editor

  • if you like to make the best out of your videowith many morge features and functions
  • if you need commercial license and many individual customizing options, SEO-Optimization, In-Video-Shopping ao.
icon Entertain your friends and sell
Transform your experiences to a higher level and let your videos shine in a new splendor with Clipgenerator.
icon Get PRO
Use our Expert Video Editor for easily made, but highly professional videos. Including commercial license. Custom branding options by adding logos. Call-to-action features. Exclusive styles. Many extra features and functions like: selection of fonts, font-sizes, font-colors, backgrounds, colors. Special commercially designed music. Join the large groups of photographers, marketers and small business owners. Look at Clipgenerator for beautiful, high-quality videos for businesses and Professionals.
Learn more about Clipgenerator for business
icon Beautiful video styles
Clipgenerator gives you the best of video transitions. Customize your video with one of over 50 beautiful video styles. We have designs for any video you want to make.
icon Sell your product and services at Ebay, Amazon & other platforms
You want to prominently display your product or services? Create your video with Business Expert Video Editor. Use the tiny url, embed code or a video format to upload or insert into Ebay or in Amazon for Reviews or in your shop.
icon Share your life as it happens and share it with your friends
Create and share videos using pictures or video clips from your mobile or computer. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WordPress, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, you name it. Embed your video in your blog. It's easy, fast and gives your birthday or holiday message an emotional backup.
icon Large music library including Pop Chart Music for Wizard Users
Whatever your favorite music is - we have it. If you are a private user you can pick from many of well-known songs of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Blur, and many more. If you are a commercial user your choice from a great sound library is easy to get: we offer filters of genres, styles, moods, themes, tempo. All music is fully licensed throughout the world.
icon Tell your story – highlight and comment your video with Expert Video Editor
Easy to use tools for text and fonts to narrate your video. Spotlight scenes for more emphasis with colors, different font-sizes, background-colors, transparencies, a.o.

Our patented secret

We've spent massive intelligence into the perfection of Trivid’s automated, but personal realtime video technology. Our Clipgenerator video engine analyzes and synchronizes your images in seconds to music and makes just the right production with video designs. Intelligent immediate synchronization of your content to a professional looking video including audio is patented throughout Europe. Video is powerful when it is done well, personalized and unique. We help you with it. You’ve chosen the right partner.